About Toni Moore

Toni Moore is a Legal and Lifestyle Strategist who empowers women to step up their game in every aspect of their lives. Twenty years (and counting) in her legal career, Toni has worked as a mid-level firm associate, as a business owner, an adjunct professor, financial fraud investigator and a life purpose strategist. 

Music became a very important "tool", so to speak, for Toni to translate her coaching mindset into the forms of lyrics and music.  With a repertoire of poems and song ideas she recorded on her cell phone, Toni, along with her producer-artist hubby Dexter Moore, created a masterpiece of poems and songs in the form of an EP entitled Bossism.  Bossism, as described on Toni's CD Baby album page, "combines the spiritual expressions of gospel music with today's modern urban sounds into a unique style that captures the underlying message of faith, fierceness, and victory."  Moreover, "Bossism is a beacon call to awaken the brilliance in women so that they can own their story, harness their power and fulfill a greater destiny."

Toni has also contributed her writing skills to several albums, including:

  • Keys to Life , Dexter Moore - track #8 (lyrics, co-producer)
  • Somebody , Vera Brown - tracks #1 and #9 (lyrics)
  • Gates of Heaven Assembly of Churches Mass Choir "LIVE" - track #4 (lyrics).  This album is not available online.  For more information about this release, visit GOHAOC's website.

Look for more of Toni's songwriting skills to be on display on future projects.  

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